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"We Serve Quality"
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Color Putty


Cement Based Colour Wall Putty HomeSure Colour Putty is a wall putty with added advantage of shades like Pink, Yellow, Green and Off-White, especially developed as a base coat to provide smooth finish on plastered surface, and hence ideal for expensive paint application because paint saving can be up to 50%. It contains finest quality minerals, polymers, white cement and pigments. It can also be used for low end application like basement parking lot, etc as 'Final Finish'. (No painting required for interior) to attain highest economy and speed.


Not Applicable.


  True colour tone of the paint is maintained, primer is not required.

  Protects expensive paint from dampness, peeling off and flaking.

  Makes paint durable.

  Suitable for Interior.

  Paint finish is superior.


  Reduces paint consumption.

  Avoid frequent repainting.

  Cost – effective.

  Aesthetic look for ceilings, interior and external walls.

  Ease of use at site.

Application Procedure

Clean loose particles, dirt, grease and traces of adhering material from the wall surface with the help of sand paper, putty blade or by wire brush. For loose plastered areas, remove the defective material and re-plaster the area with BuildWell Ready-Mix Plaster. For ceiling/wall, which are not even, re-plaster it with BuildWell Ready-Mix Plaster to make them even. If any cracks in base plaster, fill it by using HomeSure Crack Filler. Moisten the surface with sufficient quantity of clean water.

Take 300–450 ml of clean water for 1 Kg of HomeSure Colour Putty in a clean bucket. It is very important that HomeSure Colour Putty to be added in water and not vice versa. Stir continuously by using an electric mixer or by hand to obtain a homogeneous lump-free paste. Allow the resultant paste to stand for about 10 minutes for additives to dissolve completely. Re-mix again for about 2 minutes. The paste is now ready for application. Use the prepared mix within 30 minutes.

It is very important and essential that the application area surface is pre-wet properly before the application of “HomeSure Colour Putty”. The surface should be moist during application process. This ensures higher bonding, strength, easy workability and higher coverage within the surface. (In areas of high temperature and low humidity, light curing is recommended for at least 2 days.)

Apply 1st coat with the help of a steel trowel or putty blade to a thickness of about 0.5–1 mm and let it dry for at least 3 hours. Level and smoothen the surface. Cure the first coat lightly after it dries. Apply the 2nd coat of putty to a thickness of 0.5–1 mm and leave the surface to dry completely. The thickness of each coat should not exceed more than 1 mm and total putty thickness less than 2 mm. If required to remove any unevenness before any primer or paint application, level the surface with very fine emery paper not less than 600 no. For better result, it is always recommend to let the surface dry overnight for at least 10-12 hours. (Better bonding to the base plaster.)



Technical specifications

Colour White
Pot life > 90Min
PH 9.2 - 10.1
Coverage 8 - 15 Sq. Ft/Kg (Depending on finish of the Wall
Recommended Mixing 300 - 450 ml of water for per kg of Wall Putty

Technical Details

Physical Appearance Colour -
Setting Time : Initial 270 Min > = 30 Min
Setting Time : Final 300 Min < = 600 Min
Tensile Adhesion Strength 0.84 Mpa Min 0.8 Mpa
Compression Strength 7.12 Mpa 7 - 12 Mpa
Flexural Strength 1.89 Mpa -
Water Retentivity 99.60% > = 95 %
Water Absorption 0.04 kg/m2 WO - No Requirement
W1 - 0.26 kg/m2 EN 1015 - 18 & EN 998-1-2003
W2 - 0.13 kg/m2 EN 1015 - 18 & EN 998-1-2003

Other Details

HomeSure Colour Putty is available in 4 different colour shades
• Yellow • Off White • Pista • Pink